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Having recognised some difficulties in the current process for gaining informed medical consent in perioperative care, we have designed software that re-imagines the method of obtaining consent prior to surgical procedures.


Medical consent is a fundamental part of every surgery. With an average of just 10 minutes per patient, clinicians have a limited time to cover introduction, diagnosis, and medical consent. This overwhelming time pressure aspect means follow up calls are common, as patients request further clarification about their procedure. Avow’s content ensures a standardised process, with utmost clarity in dealing with informed consent. Patients watch their videos in full, then click-to-confirm letting their doctor know that they understand their procedure. An easy solution to improve doctor patient understanding, our repeatable, consistent method for medical consent creates an all-round positive consultation experience.

Our Team

Dr. Jane O’ Sullivan, Founder and CEO

Eoin Fleming, Founder and CTO

Dr. James O’ Sullivan, Business Strategist

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