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Avow enables Patient Education with a difference

Avow is Patient Education with a difference

Avow is a Patient Consent and Education Platform

Being a patient can be stressful, Avow helps clinicians and healthcare professionals communicate accurately using video content about treatments and procedures that help patients to be well informed and to feel empowered to be advocates for their own health and well being.


Content creation and Delivery

Clinical Portal

Healthcare professionals are busy and often do not have time to adequately communicate information to their patients. With Avow they can now send an SMS with a link to specific video content about the treatment or procedure 

Video Production

At Avow, we have an extensive  library of video content on many dental and surgical procedures. If we don’t have the content you want to show your patients, our professional video production team and actors will create it for you!

Patient Engagement

Our platform sends an email or a text to your patient allowing them to view a video on any device. The clinic will see if the video has been viewed and how many times it has been viewed.

Patient Education

At Avow we understand that education and consent go hand in hand. If a patient is not educated as to what they are consenting to then it can cause legal issues in future. Avow makes it easy for patients to consume difficult information to be informed and empowered consumers of  their healthcare choices

Professional Video Production

We have a video production team to create professional video content that is customised and scripted to be suited to the procedure, treatment on screening.

We help script, film and produce the video content and edit for different patient clips to be deployed.

Professional Actors from well known television shows or the choice to be in a personalized information video filmed and edited by our team.


Watch It In Action


Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool

It is a secure and frictionless platform to rapidly deploy treatment information to patients via SMS and Email.
It allows patient to view customized information videos and written information for an upcoming treatment or procedure
Send Feedback to Health Care Provider when the video is viewed and how many times it has been viewed
Can Alert the Healthcare provider when the material has been viewed
Can initiate a workflow or action based on video content being viewed
We even create the video content with an experienced film crew and professional actor as part of the service.


What You Get

Cross Platform Usage

Customised Branding

Patient Education Messages

Support and Maintaince

Updates & Fixes

Custom Video Content

Video Library

Built In Analytics

Fully Responsive

Built For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

The Avow platform is a browser based platform that works across all major devices. This means that the portal can be used in restrictive hospital environments. We will work with your IT dept to make sure the platform is onboarded seamlessly into your workflow.

Your Patients can receive the message on any mobile device and be able to watch the video about their procedure. 


Choose A Plan That Works For You

We provide a plan for small independent clinics as well as large hospitals and national organisations. In our enterprise plans we can provide a branded solution with custom video content.

Send us a Message

If you are interested in using our software please let us know. You will be able to sign up through the website soon.